Repair and Recovery Windows After Virus Attacks

Posted by Jack Storm on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Computer viruses are often very annoying and troublesome users. Often, computer / notebook you are already infected with the virus and has been rampant in it is not easy to fix or fully recover the computer and the Windows operating system [Windows 7, Vista or XP] after a virus attack. In fact, after the virus was removed and cleaned from your system, most of the time Windows will be slow, annoying, random crashes and PC performance decline.

Re-Enable is a software that can be used after a virus attack on your computer / laptop we are without having to reinstall our operating system. You can download Re-Enable in the preedators free download software.

This free software is a tool that will restore a lot of Windows XP utilities 7/Vista defective or damaged by the malware. The user interface is simple enough to understand and allow you to repair Windows applications such as My Computer, Shcedule Taskl, Control panels etc. Everything is done in one click! Re-Enable will also scan and edit a special file / app like autorun.inf, explorer.exe for example.

Simply you run and do not require the installation of select Check / Uncheck All syetm you want to Re-Enable after you have virus attacks.

As seen in the image above, there are some practical tools that you use when your computer has a virus.

Download :   Re-Enable v2 Free

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